About Us

The Key 2 Merch is an online apparel and accessories store.

Mission Statement " Making Merch Inclusive"

We are a lesbian owned small business. We are part of the LGBTQIA + community and we are committed to making our online store as inclusive as we can. We want to bring awareness and more variety for apparel and accessories to be found all year round, not just during a popular date.

We focus on making products for the LGBTQIA + community but also as times have changed we can't stay silent on where we stand in the new area human rights movement. You will see more political shirts and supporting our causes for equality.  You might also see some animal designs as they are close to our heart and we donate to shelters each month.

We currently use DTF transfers/Plastisol Transfers for our apparel. Printing of the transfers is outsourced to local print companies, then we heat press them at our house. We then bag and ship all items personally.

All embroidery is done by us as well.

We are partnered with local non profits and other local companies to handle their fulfillment and shipping.


Meet the owners

Ashley (She/Her): Co-Owner, Co-Designer, Head of customer service, Head of marketing, in-house photographer/videographer.

You might see her speaking to local boards about our rights and you will see her standing her ground on Tik Tok.


 Ashley Bradley- Owner of The Key 2 Merch

Kristyn (She/Her): Co-Owner, Co-Designer, Head of operations, Head of business development, blogger.

She is the business side of the business, keeping the website updated and working on the business mostly in the background but can be found on socials making content.


Kristyn Bradley- Owner of The Key 2 Merch

We are always expanding our product base so please subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date!

Where to buy: Only online at this moment

When to buy: We have designs that work all year but we also do add new designs during seasonal holidays as well. 

What we sell: we have t-shirts, tank tops, v-necks, will have long sleeve shirts and hoodies. If we find there is a want for accessories we can add them too, things like fanny packs, coffee cups, home goods.

Our goal is to grow and be apply to hire people who believe in equality/inclusivity like we do, we want to change the way we look at shopping for more inclusive merch.

Remember to spread kindness and love in this world.

10% of our profits are donated to local no-kill animal shelters.

 If at any time you feel we have failed on something you see or have something we can add to our online store please contact us via your preferred social media outlet (@thekey2merch).