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Gender is a Social Construct Sweatshirts

Gender is a Social Construct Sweatshirts

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Title: Make a Statement in Comfort: "Gender is a Social Construct" Sweater

Description: Step out boldly and embrace your beliefs with our "Gender is a Social Construct" Sweater. This striking garment isn't just about fashion—it's a powerful declaration challenging conventional notions of gender and advocating for inclusivity and understanding.

Crafted for those who champion gender diversity and reject restrictive gender binaries, our sweater is perfect for individuals looking to express their support for LGBTQ+ rights or to initiate meaningful conversations about gender identity. Constructed from premium-quality materials, this sweater marries comfort with durability, making it an essential piece for casual wear, educational events, Pride celebrations, or as an everyday reminder of your principles.

Featuring a minimalist yet impactful design showcasing the statement "Gender is a Social Construct," this sweater is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all body types, ensuring that everyone can wear their stance on gender identity with pride and confidence. The soft, cozy fabric guarantees maximum comfort, allowing you to express your beliefs while staying warm and snug.

But our sweater isn't just about making a fashion statement—it's about sparking change. By wearing our "Gender is a Social Construct" Sweater, you're contributing to a more inclusive society, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for a world where all genders are respected and valued.

Join the movement for gender equality and understanding. Shop now and wear your "Gender is a Social Construct" Sweater with pride!

These are soft cotton heavier sweaters, minimal shrinkage and relax fit. If you are in between a size then we do suggest to size up.

Flat Rate Shipping- $10 (Includes all items in the order for one fee)

A portion of every sale is donated to local no-kill animal shelters and organizations who fight for equality/equal rights.

Unless specified all designs are done using DTF transfer and heat press process, we outsource our DTF prints to a local company then we heat press them in house and ship them out.

Average processing times are between 1-5 business days depending on what we have in stock, we strive to get your order out as fast as we can.

For rush orders please message us.

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